Car Park Flooring

Car Park Flooring

Car Park Flooring

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Carbolink India Pvt. Ltd

Sanath Nagar


Telangana, India ,

Polyurethane Coatings for Park Decks Highly frequented park deck surfaces are subjected to extreme wind and weather conditions. Good elasticity and abrasion resistance can be obtained by application of a multilayer polyurethane coating based on products of CLI range. This also prevents penetration of oils, brake fluid or de-icing salts, so it gives permanent protection to intensively used surfaces. In addition, the formulation can be adapted to produce anti-slip properties, thus increasing safety of exterior park decks during rain Application areas CLI has developed materials and system for park deck coatings, which meet processing and wear-and-tear requirements in a perfect way like : - Long pot life - Flexible even at low temperatures (-200C) - Curing at low temperatures (< 50C) - Abrasion Resistant - Waterproof - Resistance against de-icing salts, oils and brake fluids Advantages - Car Park Decks - Access Ramps - Parking Stalls - Loading Bays - Drive Aisles - Walkways - Turn Lanesy

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