Room Freshener

Room Freshener

Room Freshener

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Indus Chemical And Technologies

No. 2-103/17/7, 1st Floor, Shobhana Colony, Bala Nagar , Hyderabad - 500042, Telangana, India


Telangana, India , 500042

Indus-I5 is a water based air freshener featuring a pleasing floral perfume which deodorise guest rooms, banquets halls and office rooms. Directions for use: Indus-I5 is a ready to use product. Air freshener is applied after all cleaning of the room in finished. Spray a couple of triggers upwards, away from you, in to the centre of the room and close the door. For very large rooms and also in rooms where tobacco or other odours are very strong, spray additionally as required. Caution: Rinse and dry hands after use. For prolonged or repeated contact, protection for the skin may be necessary. Do not spray onto furniture or plastic surfaces.

Price : 70.00 per litre

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