Buddsbuddy Emergency First Aid

Buddsbuddy Emergency First Aid

Buddsbuddy Emergency First Aid

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Budds Buddy

Sikh Village


Telangana, India ,

Buddsbuddy brings to you its innovative first aid products that are designed to give you maximum care and protection.
The First Aid Kit Contains 125 Items.
The attached handle makes it convenient to carry, Made of highly durable and strong quality plastic for long-term use.Additional Partition tray helps segregate the equipment and medicine for segregation.
See through lid with handle.
The first aid kit Contains:
Cartoon Bandages 72x19mm,30pcs
Cartoon Bandages 38x38mm,15pcs
Gauze Pads 2x2 inch 4ply,6pcs
Gauze Pads 3x3 inch 4ply,6pcs
Gauze Bandage 4cmx5mtr,5pcs
Cotton Roll 50gms,1pc
Non-Woven Tape 1.25cm x5yds,1pc
Diclofenac Diethyl Amine Gel 10gms,1pc
Povidone-lodine Ointment 10gms,1pc
Medical Scissors,1pc
Safety Pins,12pcs
Medical Tweezers,1pc
Alcohol Swab,10pcs
Cooling Gel Patch,1pc
Thermo-Meter Strip,1pc
Cotton Ear Buds,20pcs
Sanitizer 50ml,1pc
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