Conductive Grid Bags

Conductive Grid Bags

Conductive Grid Bags

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Telangana, India ,

Conductive Grid Bags: The Static Shielding Grid Bag provides static shielding protection through a unique conductive grid pattern, a Faraday cage on the outside of static dissipative polyethylene. A conductive outer layer provides faster charge dissipation when the bag touches a grounded surface. All bags are tested to meet or exceed the electrical and physical requirements of MIL-B-81705C & EOS/ESD Standards.
Reduce losses due to damaged components, rejects, reworks caused by ESD.
Unique conductive grid pattern, a Faraday Cage.
Economically priced as compared to metal out bags.
Conductive layer is on the surface. Dissipative layer is on the inside.
Improve yield & bottom line profits by elimination of static charges.

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