Battery Cable Crimp Machine

Battery Cable Crimp Machine

Battery Cable Crimp Machine

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Sai Paradise Machine Tools



Telangana, India ,

The HF-10000 Crimping Press has been specifically designed to crimp very big-section wires. It also handles battery cables processes upto the pressure of 10 tons and above. Its design capabilities are unique and built for optimal ease of use and changeover. This HF-10000 is a versatile powerful crimping press and comes with the robust mounting table assembly in the plug-and-use manner.
This HF-10000 is also integrated with unique features like LED lighting source built into the work area which focuses precisely on the crimp tooling for maximum visibility. Its terminal reel bracket allows for quick change from side to end feed terminal reels.
The HF-10000 also comes with a standard pneumatic feed kit for operation of air-feed applicator. The efficient electronic control operates on 220V single phase power; and it features both a forward and reverse jog mode for set-up and resetting of the crimping unit.

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