Indus I2 Floor Cleaner

Indus I2 Floor Cleaner

Indus I2 Floor Cleaner

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Indus Chemical And Technologies

No. 2-103/17/7, 1st Floor, Shobhana Colony, Bala Nagar , Hyderabad - 500042, Telangana, India


Telangana, India , 500042

Indus I2 is a scientifically blended liquid detergent for cleaning floors and Oily/greasy work areas Application Areas: Indus I2 can be effectively used to clean floors in factories, workshops, hotels and restaurants, public areas, office books etc. It effectively removes Oils, greases and dirt from heavily soiled areas in service stations and garages. Directions for use : Recommended dilution is: Normal Soiling: Use 5-10ml in 1 litre of water Heavy Soiling: Use 20ml in 1 litre of water Patches and Spots: Use directly without dilution.

Price : 70.00 per litre

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